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Malaysia , Wednesday 24 January 2018

News Malaysia » People: Hunter-gatherer people in Malaysia have ‘special’ sense of smell, says study

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Publication date: hursday 18 January 2018

Members of the hunter-gatherer Jahai people, such as the man pictured in the center, appear to be more in tune with their sense of smell Rex Features Hunter-gatherers who live off the land in the forests of Malaysia are far more in tune with their sense ...

News Malaysia » People: Mahathir: Economic growth good but people are still suffering

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Publication date: onday 22 January 2018

PUTRAJAYA: Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad today acknowledged Malaysia’s strong economic growth but maintained the ordinary people are not benefiting from it. He said there were many other things that contributed to the people’s “suffering”.

News Malaysia » People: Newborn panda – a symbol of Malaysia-China relations

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Publication date: Wednesday 17 January 2018

... panda in Malaysia was described as a new envoy of China-Malaysia friendship here. A statement from the Chinese Embassy said the cub’s birth at Zoo Negara on Jan 14, just as people are starting to embrace the new year, appears to be a good sign to ...

News Malaysia » People: These Are The 10 Richest People In Malaysia

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Publication date: onday 15 January 2018

On Forbes’ annual listing of billionaires, for three consecutive years, Bill Gates is still the richest man in the world with a net worth of $75 billion among 1,810 billionaires in the world – and among them were some Malaysians too. Malaysia now ...

News Malaysia » People: Easier to obtain China visas

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Publication date: Friday 19 January 2018

Consul-General Liang Caide said removal of the requirement was for the convenience of the people in Sabah and Labuan. "In fact, we implement the same visa application policy as that of the Chinese Embassy and other Chinese Consulates in Malaysia.

News Malaysia » People: Penang state govt announce goodies for the people

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Publication date: Saturday 20 January 2018

GEORGE TOWN: The Penang state government has announced a number of goodies for the people. While addressing a group of senior ... Speaking at a training session conducted by the aid specialist - Mercy Malaysia, Phee said that Penang wants to reform the ...

News Malaysia » People: China's Xinjiang to build 'Great Wall' to protect border

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Publication date: onday 22 January 2018

Hundreds of people have been killed in Xinjiang in the past few years in violence between Uighurs, a mostly Muslim people who speak a Turkic language, and ethnic majority Han Chinese, especially in the heavily Uighur southern part of Xinjiang. China blames ...

News Malaysia » People: Agonized families await answers over missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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Publication date: Saturday 08 March 2014

(CNN)-- Family members of passengers aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 faced an agonizing wait for answers, as the aircraft remained unaccounted for more than a day after it was scheduled to land. In China, home of most of the 239 people on board ...

News Malaysia » People: Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 carrying 239 people to Beijing loses contact, reportedly crashed in waters near Vietnam

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Publication date: Sunday 09 March 2014

Vietnam Air Force planes have spotted two oil slicks suspected to be from a Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 239 passengers and crew, including three Americans, that is feared downed in southeast Asia, the Vietnamese government said in a statement.